The Hattrick Season 64 Thread

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The Hattrick Season 64 Thread

Postby UncleIan » January 11th, 2017, 9:56 am

We've all stayed up, or gone up, or gone down, the first round cup fixtures are in, so it must be time for a new thread.

I've had my fire sale, and bought a load more players, as usual, I lost count, and have 8 trainees for the 6 100% slots. I'm going to train playmaking. Though I've only got 3 wingers, so I can stick the 7th guy in a B team winger slot for 50% training, umm, oops, sorry trainee 8. I have managed to recycle one of my defender trainees, he had decent IM skill and is still young, plus I've got three homegrown, though one is a bit old at nearly 24, I think he might be the number 8 trainee that misses out.

I got over excited and bought loads of players before the financial update, while I had players on the transfer list. My club is in danger of bankruptcy this week, with a balance of -1 million. 34k in interest charges, oops. At the next update I'll have 7m in the bank so that's ok. Short term cash flow issues.

Maybe I should have stayed my hand a bit, and splashed a bit more cash for better IM trainees, I'm a little worried about the strength of my midfield, though I'm playing games at the moment with "furious" team spirit, so that's making things look bad I hope. I've gone from two titanics and an E-T to one magnificent and two brilliants. Of course, as I'm training PM that'll only get better, but short term it may be painful. On the wing I've gone from two supernaturals, or maybe a titanic and a supernatural, to two world class wingers with worse PM. My ratings the first competitive league game are going to be a mystery, talking of which...

I've ended up in V.33, it's got two bots, and another team that hasn't logged in since the end of November. So I guess they'll be reset at the start of the season. Three bots! Looking at the stats, the team in second is fairly handy they'll have the beating of me in midfield, for now, but I'll trump them in defence and attack. Looking at the fixtures, the next two games should be against bots, so a cheeky early home MOTS may be in order. I'll have a better idea after TS reset and the cup match. There's also a massive defence and nothing else team, and a couple of 3-5-2 teams that shouldn't present too much of an issue, certainly at home.

Clearly, to me, it's try and win the first match, and suck up the fans and confidence until the big defence team in the double header, before kicking bottom until the final week. Coming second wouldn't be a massive shock, and wouldn't be the end of the world, more time to rebuild I guess. I think I'm planning on PM training for about 3 levels, probably 2 and a bit seasons, then switch to passing training.

That'll do for now. Roll on next Tuesday's bot bash!


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Re: The Hattrick Season 64 Thread

Postby Ashfordian » January 13th, 2017, 7:28 pm

UncleIan wrote:Roll on next Tuesday's bot bash!

When I first looked at my cup opponent I was concerned it was not a bot however it has been botified so Tuesday should be the bot bash.

I was tempted to switch out of my series but the fixture list looks favourable to me with lots of PICs and my nearest opponents in week 1(H)/14(A) and the double header in weeks 7(H)/8(A) so I'm staying in V.185. A bot in weeks 2(A)/13(H) makes the weeks 1/14 games easier.


My aim is to win the series and auto-promote which closely matches the fans expectations of "We have to win this season". The season will be a failure if I do not do this


The fixture list and my league opponents may give me a chance of improving my best of R3. I wouldn't mind a run in one of the minor cups as well.


Will be mainly PM but can fall back on Defence training if I need to play CA for any reason.

Youth Academy

At the mid point of season 63 I had no potential promotees with a main skill above Inadequate. Since then I've scouted 4 very trainable players, the best being an Excellent Defender. The Youth team will pay out in the next 1.5 seasons.


I don't expect to expand the stadium above its current capacity of 50 290
Coach recently dropped to Passable leadership so he is good although I already have his replacement ready to take over when required. I have 3 other first team players who are on the coach production line.
Finances are healthy at just under £4m

Future player changes

I'm not sure if these changes will happen this season but some of my team are starting age and require replacing. Two wingers that were in my starting team are now both over 28 and I'm lacking in the striker department with two Excellent scorers as my 2nd & 3rd best strikers. All these need replacing for when I reach IV. I've yet to decide what build their replacements will be but know the £4m will not be enough.

GL all for the coming season

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Re: The Hattrick Season 64 Thread

Postby Donut102 » January 16th, 2017, 4:20 pm

Still in V. Came 5th again last season, losing out to 4th place on GD only.

I'll be targeting 4th again. Not really setting the bar high...

Cup - target R2 and then 4 further rounds in the secondary cup. Based on scouting for R1 that should be achievable

Training - been training PM since I restarted. I got them up to level 13, and to be honest got a bit bored. So switched to Scoring in the off season. I think I'll change training every season, more to keep the game fresh for me.
I'm training 3 pure strikers, two of which have good PM secondaries and Technical. The other 3 trainees are playmakers, so secondary skill training. Sold one of my prior trainees for £1.6m and replaced with an 18 yr old Head with 12 PM, but only 1 in scoring. Would have liked 6+ in Scoring, but couldn't find a Head specialist on the transfer market with those skills. Decided to prioritise Specialities rather than skills, and training from low levels is very quick these days. Figure he could be up to passable by the end of the season.
Is this the right approach? Answers on a postcard....

Finance - stadium has 48,000 capacity, and should be fine this year.
Budgeting a profit of £1.4m this season, and have £8.2m in the bank. Not rushing to spend my cash pile, as I remember from my first stint in HT always being frustrated never having enough working capital to fund new trainees/ players.

Coach - Solid coach, disastrous leadership. Like Ashfordian, I have 3 players being XP trained as future coaches. Two now have Solid experience, and will convert one to Excellent coach when he pops the next level.
That will make a dent in my cash pile, but I don't really use the transfer market and prefer to adopt the buy & hold approach.

Youth - I've got a Passable Def & Wing with Quick who'll join my first team as a trainee. Also three other players with Excellent PM, Excellent Def, and Solid Def respectively. No useful specs on those three, so will be sold.

I'm convinced as I can be that Homegrown with the right Specs is the way forward. I've got 5 in my first XI already and this chap will make it 6.

Good luck all!~

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