Historic intra-day/closing levels - source [link]

Reading price charts which may give you direction in the market using established TA methodology
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Historic intra-day/closing levels - source [link]

Postby DiamondEcho » December 24th, 2016, 6:40 am

When I read daily TA they often refer back to historic closing and intra-day levels. For example yesterday IG referred to the '25th October swing high' at 7068. Sometimes they don't give the price at all, IME never give the decimals, and then it's down to me to check any records I've kept, and if not there then Google it.

I might have found a reliable source via Google/Finance
Search on 'INDEXFTSE:UKX', then in the side menu click Index, then Historical Prices.

Here is a direct link to the page, though don't know if it reflects my 'session' and will work for others or in future:
https://www.google.co.uk/finance/histor ... jAHvqqfQBQ

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