Offshore "Pensions", savings plans, and other rip-offs

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Offshore "Pensions", savings plans, and other rip-offs

Postby torata » December 27th, 2016, 8:50 am

Note sure if the "Offshorerebates" I noticed registered on this site is the same Geoff who used to be able to give the lowdown and explain how you get ripped off with offshore pensions, savings plans, etc, but it prompted me to do my Christmas good deed and webarchive his sage advice from the Fool.

A long thread with 220 posts... use ctrl-F with Offshorerebates to cut to the important stuff ... sort=whole

Avoiding insurance company based savings plans

"Pensions" for expats

A heads-up on how you get ripped off

Slightly disjointed thread due to deletions, but more detail about how the charges rip you off

Time now to put my feet up...

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