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I earned over £600 an hour!

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Re: I earned over £600 an hour!


Postby Howard » January 14th, 2022, 5:46 pm

I was amused by all the posts about picking up small change which followed my OP a couple of years ago.

Repeat performance this year. The result of ten minutes research and a five minute phone call saved me exactly £60. Our house insurance premium now has defied inflation and reduced in real terms whilst the amount of cover for contents etc has increased with inflation. The buildings cover is unlimited. I have been with the insurer for more than 10 years and am pretty sure the premium has hardly increased over that time.

So this year, I only earned at a rate of £400 per hour before (40%) tax for 15 minutes.

Hopefully, rather than bothering with pence (see above), this might be a helpful example for those who are prepared to put in a little time to have a friendly negotiation with their insurers. I have saved well over £2,000 after tax on the total cost of house insurance over the last 10 years as a result of a friendly chat. Our insurer is one of the largest in the UK and the cover is rated 5 star by defaqto.

Similar conversations have saved a fortune on car insurance renewals.

If only I could use the same technique on our energy supplier. :(



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