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Wine offers?

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Re: Wine offers?


Postby DrFfybes » April 4th, 2021, 9:21 am

UncleEbenezer wrote:
DrFfybes wrote:I'd happily pay the full £8 for this one next time I'm there.

I wouldn't. In normal circumstances I consider it a failure of planning if I have to buy any bottle at full price. Stock up while the offers are on!

(This time round I've added twelve bottles net to my wine rack. Ordered 15 altogether, 2 were unavailable, one has gone as a gift. Should last me 'til the next offer).

I know what you mean, and agree. I also stock up at offer time, although I don't look around to see where the offers are, I just take advantage if I'm in there.

However I very rarely use Asda as the only one I pass regularly is near my mum's which is 2 hours drive away. I do tend to use it for fuel, just never go in the store as I don't like the 'feel' of it[1].

I more meant that if I happened to be in there again I think it is well worth the £8 they normally charge so would pick one up. This still appears to be £2 less than other distributors charge any way.


[1] Asda Ashton, odd access road, narrow twisty driving routes and cramped spaces, people begging next to most of the trolley 'hubs', and just generally feels disorganised, as evidenced by the 6 trolleys waiting for the one open till (which had a broken conveyer belt) on Tuesday and staff berating customers for not queueing in the correct place (apparently a corral at the end of the row of tills but as only one was open people naturally went towards it) instead of actually opening another till and sorting the problem. And then not being able to find the key to unlock the turnstiles to get a trolley through the till when they opened it.

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