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lets not get too blinkered late reply

Pull up a chair, have a biscuit - discuss the site and general questions about the LemonFool
Lemon Half
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lets not get too blinkered late reply


Postby Arborbridge » October 14th, 2020, 6:43 pm

I wrote this apparently as Clariman locked the previous thread so it could not be posted. I hope that my answer to dealtn accusing me of being two faced will be allowed to stand:

dealtn wrote:
It is interesting to note that the OP of this thread, and the last contributor are two of the most frequent contributors on the Board on this site that has the most frequent accusations of "off-topic", and for want of a better word "defenders" of that Board, and amongst the critics of those wishing to post off-topic contributions there. (Rightly in most cases). What is the difference, and is that behaviour not a little bit two-faced, in light of this thread?

I am all for topics meandering, that is one of the joys of this site to me, but asking for topics to start in an appropriate place (or be moved there if it is pointed out, particularly early in the thread) isn't a problem, or is it?

It's a question of degree and context. I am an usually sanguine about a degree of meandering on any board - including HYPP to which you refer. As you well know, there were problems when that board was frequently undermined and it's basic precept questioned at every turn by what amounted to trolling. There's a vast difference, in my view, and that is why on all boards I would argue for some tolerance or wiggle-room. You will find I have never argued for anything less, but naturally the context and motive need to be allowed for - it's a fine judgement call, I appreciate that, but swing too far the other way to nitpicking about rules and you will spoil your own enjoyment of meandering discussions.

I trust you will appreciate that I am not in the least being two faced, but can understand why you reacted that way.


Lemon Quarter
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Re: lets not get too blinkered late reply


Postby Clariman » October 14th, 2020, 7:33 pm

Moderator Message:
Fair enough. Will lock this one now


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