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Welcome to the renamed and repurposed "Improve the Recipe" board

Formerly "Lemon Fool - Improve the Recipe" repurposed as Room 102 (see above).
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Welcome to the renamed and repurposed "Improve the Recipe" board


Postby Clariman » December 6th, 2021, 8:54 pm

The "Lemon Fool - Improve the Recipe" board has been renamed and repurposed. In essence its function has been split.

All constructive suggestions for site improvements should be posted on the new "Suggestions to Improve the Site" board here

"Room 102 - Site Issues, Complaints & General Chat" (this board) is where you can raise site issues, report that it is running slowly or talk more generally about the site. By renaming the old board it means we can retain all the posting history without archiving it separately.

The related board, "Room 101 - Escalation to Admin", remains unchanged. It is primarily for individual users to escalate individual moderation decisions about their posts to the Admin team, after they have not had satisfaction from asking for an explanation from a moderator. It can also be used to highlight something urgent and important to the Admin team.


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