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Dod - I'm calling you out - high noon

A virtual pub for off topic, light hearted pub related banter and discussion. No trainers
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Dod - I'm calling you out - high noon


Postby AsleepInYorkshire » April 7th, 2021, 10:51 pm

It's time we faced each other off :lol:

I'm a coming in to town tomorrow morning on the stagecoach and I aim to take your satchel.

Now you either do this the hard way or you can do it the very hard way ... I ain't a cared.

I know what's in that satchel. Rocket juice. Liquor. And I aim to drinkin' it. If'in that satchel ain't on the Marshall's porch as I come into town then I'ma going to be real mad and the lead is gunna fly.

I'ma telling you now you need to share that there liquor


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