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SIPP for 2060+

Including Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE)
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Re: SIPP for 2060+


Postby ADrunkenMarcus » May 2nd, 2021, 10:44 pm

ADrunkenMarcus wrote:I took the data for the FTSE All World TR ($) from the Financial Times indexes. There's a 'FTSE GLOBAL EQUITY INDEX SERIES' with a Total Return column. I noted down 457.1 for last year (3 April 2020 since 5 April 2020 was a Sunday) and then 728.2 for today (since 5 April 2020 is a Bank Holiday). However, on refreshing it I see that figure was for 31 March and it's been updated for 1 April now at 736 - I may need to see if there's a 2 April update and amend my figures!!!!

And indeed there was, so when I updated for 2 April 2021 the FTSE All World TR ($) index had gained 96.5% for the period compared to my portfolio's 96.04%.

We need to bear in mind how arbitrary or random a single year's performance figures can be, or even the total return figure on a single day snapshot after a multi-year period. From being just behind the index at the start of the month, the SIPP is now up 113.5% (11.4% CAGR) vs. 104.5% (10.8%) for the index since 5 April 2014. It goes to show how much can change in a few weeks.

Best wishes


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