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High Yield Investment Trusts - AIC Sector and Yield table (October 2020)

General discussions about equity high-yield income strategies
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High Yield Investment Trusts - AIC Sector and Yield table (October 2020)


Postby Itsallaguess » October 6th, 2020, 6:10 am

Below is a table of AIC-listed Investment Trusts which yield 3.5% or higher as at October 5th 2020.

The table is shown broken down by AIC sector, and then ranked in descending order of yield for each sector, and also shows relevant Discount or Premium information, along with the 5-year dividend growth-rate for each Investment Trust.

Please note that if anyone wishes to replicate this type of data-set themselves at any time, then there are some instructions at the bottom of this post on how to do that...

I've dip-checked the above data, but please do note that it should be used only as a starting-point for further investigation, and it should certainly be the case that you should carry out your own due-diligence on any data that you may use for any subsequent investment decisions that you might wish to make...

A good source to cross-check some of the above data, if anything does look interesting or even suspicious, is the TrustNet website, which also gives yield and discount information for these types of investments -

Here are some instructions to be able to generate up-to-date yield-data in the future, using the above excellent AIC website -

1. Open the AIC website (

2. Select the 'AIC Sector Selection' button, and then the 'AIC VCT Sectors' button, and then click the 'Deselect all AIC VCT Sectors' button to remove the VCT data from this list.

3. Also in the 'AIC Sector Selection' area, make sure the tick-boxes for 'Include AIC sector weighted averages', 'AIC weighted averages sorted to top', and also 'Include industry averages' are un-ticked.

4. In the 'AIC Equity Sectors' sections, and also the 'AIC Alternative Sectors', check to make sure that all of the sub-sector boxes are ticked to bring in the data for all of those sub-areas.

5. Select the 'Data points' button, and then in that section, open the 'Additional Data Points' area, and in there, select both the 'TIDM' and the 'Div cover (yrs)' tick-boxes.

6. Select the 'Filters' button, and then set the 'Dividend Yield' option to '3.5%+'

7. Underneath this settings-area, you should now have an up-to-date data-table similar to the above, broken down by AIC Sectors.

8. If you want to import that data into a spreadsheet, to perhaps then rank by sector and yield, then you should enable the option to view the data in 'Print Mode' by selecting the 'Save / Print' option, which can be found above the AIC settings area used above, and then selecting the 'Enable Print Mode' button - the AIC data will then be represented on-screen in a way that can be bulk-selected and copied into a spreadsheet.

  • Please do note that if you don't select the 'Enable Print Mode' option, and you try to copy the data into a spreadsheet, then it's likely to only copy some of the data...

If anyone is interested in looking at any of the underlying investments behind any of the above income IT's, then the following post will help with some instructions on how to do that -

Link to September 2020 data -



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