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Recommendations sought for under-sink water filter

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Recommendations sought for under-sink water filter


Postby MDW1954 » September 8th, 2021, 5:55 pm

Our water comes from a spring, going through a 25-micron 10-inch wound filter and UV steriliser.

For many years we also had a kitchen sink water filter for drinking water, branched off the cold pipe to the kitchen sink, and going first through a 10-micron 10-inch wound filter. The manufacturer, from memory, was Pozzani. The outlet was a small separate tap, with a bore of around 5mm, fed by a small plastic pipe from the actual filter cartridge.

This system fell out of use when the small tap broke and needed replacing for the third time. I'd long since stopped using it, anyway, having accidentally dropped a cartridge one day, and been horrified at all the blue-coloured globules of a jelly-like substance that emerged.

Taste and metallics aren't really a problem, but low-level organic ingress can be: obviously, a 25-micron filter only takes out so much. That said, my wife always preferred the taste and clarity of the filtered water.

I'm thinking of re-instating the filter, and looking for recommendations. I'd want the same small tap, and some sort of mountable cartridge that I could fit under the sink.

I could see if Pozzani are still in business, but still don't really like the idea of the blue gunk. Are there other reputable brands? I've heard people mention Brita, for instance.



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Re: Recommendations sought for under-sink water filter


Postby Laughton » September 8th, 2021, 8:50 pm

I use one of these - ... -kit/16747

Very simple to fit (I did it myself and am definitely not a plumber). It doesn't take up much room and is fixed to the side of the under sink cupboard. I change the filter every six months as it feeds the cold tap at the kitchen sink and we have a waste disposal unit so the cold tap gets used a lot.

Fit an isolation valve when fitting if you don't already have one as you need that when changing the cartridge.

It definitely makes a difference to the taste of the water.

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