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One birthday and a funeral.

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One birthday and a funeral.


Postby didds » December 29th, 2020, 2:47 pm

Just thinking out loud really. Thanks for reading. And "hearing" and "listening"

One birthday and a funeral.

Its the first day back to work after Christmas. The news is of snow dumps. Outside it's drizzling mostly, with small thin wisps of snow - hardly visible on the hedges and ledges. Nowhere near enough for sledges.

Its grey, overcast, damp. Outside it is no better.

But that isn't all. Its a day of smoked salmon, charcuterie, rum and beer. Of a Longleat trip, of curry, of laughter. For today is also a birthday. A time for
jollity, celebration.

Today is FUNeral day.
Today is FUN day... as well.

In our society its a tough juxtaposition. We don't do death well. We mourn the loss. We don't celebrate the life, despite the words the celebrant says.
In the same way that as our children grow out of childhood we celebrate becoming an adult - but don't mourn the loss of childhood, of innocence.

Two lives.

One ending, one moving on.

Happy Birthday son of mine.

And my friend... Rest In Peace.

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