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Portfolio update

A helpful place to also put any annual reports etc, of your own portfolios
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Portfolio update


Postby Adamski » July 9th, 2024, 8:51 am

My Portfolio a year ago:

Vanguard world ETF 40%
Vanguard lifestrategy 60 - 25%
City of London IT 20%
CGT, PNL, RICA 5% each


Sale of CGT and RICA
Reduced holding in CTY
Bought gold ETF, SGLN
Transferred some to bank savings, interest rate 5%

Overall portfolio now, including bank savings, approx

Stocks 50%
Bonds 15%
Gold 5%
Cash 30%

Holding more cash as getting a real return on savings accounts with no risk. Also with stock markets at all time highs waiting for a correction at some point.

Had some unsheltered losses in 2023, offset with gains this year. Holding gold again for safety, last time I did this was in the pandemic.

Yes I am Tory boy :) and concerned about Rachel Reeves trying to tax grab a chunk of my savings. However think the target will mainly be higher earners than myself. More of a concern to me anyway is the AI bubble hence I've de-risked my holdings over last 12 months, as the world stockmarket has gone up 20%. How have you got on, anyone done something similar? Cheers

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Re: Portfolio update


Postby scrumpyjack » July 9th, 2024, 9:03 am

Gave up trying to time the markets 50 years ago, though I do buy things sometimes when the market is at its most bearish. That has worked out very well :D

Keep a large cash buffer as I’m ancient (75), otherwise 100% equities but much more international than I used to be. No funds. Hold ITs, ETFs and some individual holdings. Very few transactions.

Keep giving chunks to my grandchildren.

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