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Pensana Rare Earths

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Re: Pensana Rare Earths


Postby Dynamo1 » February 20th, 2021, 12:36 pm

As I mentioned two weeks ago 84p looked like a good place to buy. Since then, PM8 delisted from ASX we are left with PRE on LSE.
Shareprice has steadily increased with a large jump on Friday to 1.07 (I always take the Bid figure - more conservative). This the third run-up towards a BFS / Business Plan, let's hope its third time lucky and not just a paragraph at the end of February....

Shares in Issue Price £ MCap Exch rate US$ Mcap
203,645,822 1.07 £217,901,030 1.4 US$305,061,441

One thing to note is the increase in the strength of sterling; when I first started this thread on 16th September 2020 the Cable rate was 1.28, it has now risen to 1.40. The shareprice back then was .66p.

My two stock picks for 2020 (and which I regularly post on LF) were PRD and PRE, they have both started the year well. There is a lot more to come from both Companies. Other interests are RBW who are doing better than expected, primarily because of the current price of NdPr and because they are actually producing. I believe PRE will turn out to be far bigger than RBW in the longer-term because they have a much bigger resource and a clear mine to metals strategy. Another company I am looking at is AMTE Power (not yet listed - next month I think - I am on the book), they are linked to the EV side of the green revolution supplying batteries to performance car manufacturers and windfarms.

The scale of green investments will escalate in the next few years, fund managers have already started to move out of dirty industry into in green alternatives. BP are buying windfarms (look out Greencoat/UK Wind), the tide has turned this year far quicker than I imagined. It seems that that the year of Covid has given the heads of major Car manufacturers pause for thought. They have sold few cars and have seen the success of Tesla (outrageous valuation). But in the last couple of weeks Jaguar, GM and Ford have announced they are going green sooner than expected. All car makers will have no alternative but to follow suit.

I digress, PRE and PRD are still my favoured stocks for 2021. Cheers D1

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