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Health & Safety Gone Mad?

Lemon Half
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Re: Health & Safety Gone Mad?


Postby XFool » August 29th, 2021, 8:00 pm

bungeejumper wrote:Bunch of namby pamby mollycoddled wimps we're cultivating these days. And no wonder, I suppose, now that the birth rate's dropped so low? Back in the good old days, when school playgrounds did things properly, a regular cull of the participants was seen as God's benign contribution to the essential task of reducing the damn numbers.

I was thinking about this only the other day, from a Health & Safety pov: Hazardous materials encountered

I composed a personal list, from memory, of my exposure/contact with same, through childhood to later teenage years.

1. Acids - Hydrochloric, Nitric
2. Benzine
3. Blue asbestos
4. Cyanide compounds
5. Gunpowder
6. Hydrogen cyanide gas (Ugh!)
7. Lead (Um - tasty!)
8. Mercury
9. Sodium hydroxide
10. Trichlorethylene
11. Fissile material (Enriched Uranium - heavy!)

Kids today - Tch! Don't know they're born... :lol:

bungeejumper wrote:It's a good job that history is written by the survivors. ;)


Lemon Pip
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Re: Health & Safety Gone Mad?


Postby EverybodyKnows » August 29th, 2021, 8:34 pm

The HSE have a myths page here:

The conkers page is here:

The HSE do get things wrong, but there are many myths that some perpetuate to undermine their good work.

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