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Fun with drivers

On road, off road, Mamils, Club rides or just share your routes and tips
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Re: Fun with drivers


Postby Lootman » March 2nd, 2024, 2:09 pm

ukmtk wrote:I occasionally take the lane (which the Highway Code allows) when there is oncoming traffic and I want to dissuade the cars behind from trying to overtake.

Most cyclists are also drivers so they know the impact they are having on traffic.

Taking the lane might deter a driver from over-taking you but it might also make that driver pass you anyway at a closer distance. Or swerve into the oncoming lane. Either way taking the lane places you closer to other traffic.

I notice that people cycling with a baby or small children rarely take the lane or otherwise ride aggressively.

But yes, a cyclist who also drives will tend to ride more safely and considerately, in my experience.

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Re: Fun with drivers


Postby Gerry557 » March 2nd, 2024, 4:12 pm

I'm not sure "taking the lane" works that way.

First it give you the option of some space on your left to enter should the offending driver try a force his way past. Where would you go if you hadn't taken it. That driver would literally squash you.

Ideally you want the driver overtaking you in the opposite lane.

Often it's near the keep left traffic islands, the road narrows and some drivers are tempted to try and squash past where there isn't enough room never mind leaving a gap.

If they want to overtake by going to the right of the keep left then you have the bollards offering a bit of protection and the driver has committed an offence which might get caught out from especially now there are more dash cams and cyclists with cameras.

Is it so hard to lift your foot off the accelerator for a few seconds to stop becoming a manslaughterer.

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Re: Fun with drivers


Postby ukmtk » March 4th, 2024, 5:26 am

The minimum distance that drivers are supposed to pass vulnerable road users is now 5ft (6ft on high speed roads).
West Midlands police have been enforcing this using video evidence for a number of years (before it was in the Highway Code).

I normally cycle down the inner tyre track on the road - this would mean that passing cars need to over the white line.

I believe that most police forces will prosecute using video evidence provided by vulnerable road users.
I suspect it would need to be a clear case of bad driving for the to do so.

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Re: Fun with drivers


Postby redsturgeon » March 4th, 2024, 6:26 am

I will always take the lane when cycling when I feel it is necessary for my is not cycling aggressively. As has been mentioned it is very much needed when riding through pinch points. Cycling in the gutter is dangerous and invites drivers to try to squeeze by when there is not enough room as well as trying to deal with potholes and drain covers.
When driving I will always give cyclists plenty of room and I find the most difficult cyclists to deal with are those who are hesitant so that it is difficult to predict what they are about to do. Turning right is a good example where a positive and clear signal from the cyclist followed by a decisive move into position is much easier to deal with than hesitancy.
99% of drivers treat cyclist with care and respect but the 1% are enough to make cycling on a busy road not very pleasant. I usually enjoy long rides on the road on Saturday and Sunday mornings befor 10am when if lucky I can travel miles on local country roads which are almost empty.

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Re: Fun with drivers


Postby AuroraAbyss » April 4th, 2024, 1:08 am

You really have much experience with cycling. It is remarkable that you commuted and cycled on the road for 50,000 miles. It is unfortunate to hear that your titanium Raleigh has broken. It must have been quite surprising for you. Your experiences with careless drivers seem very strong, but it is nice to know you could handle them without harm. Take care on the road and continue to find joy in your journeys.

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