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Re: Amazon


Postby servodude » May 4th, 2021, 9:56 am

Urbandreamer wrote:
servodude wrote:There's plenty of stuff that's out of print that I can't find in shops to read that I have on my Kindle... and if I do ever see these books on my travels I'll still jump at having them.


Indeed the reverse is also true. I have bought out of print books that I can't obtain ebook versions of.

There is a website that acts as a market place for rare book sellers that may be worth a visit. It use to be owned by Amazon, but they may have sold it or spun it off.

The people who list there don't just sell antiquarian books, they also sell mass market books that are out of print. Well worth considering if you want something out of the ordinary.

They don't provide a link, but a web search will reveal this link.
Welcome to AbeBooks' Weird Book Room

To be fair, that's mostly books with weird titles.

Yeah AbeBooks is a great marketplace.
I've had plenty from them over the years
One interesting aspect is they seem to update their prices on a different schedule from some places - so I often get "bookDepository" deliveries through them rather than directly (or indeed via Amazon)


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Re: Amazon


Postby jaizan » May 15th, 2021, 2:15 pm

Dod101 wrote:Result was that I had two Prime Amazon vans at my door within five hours or so. Is this reasonable or just plain silly when we are supposed collectively to be saving the planet?

Every time I look at the Amazon delivery tracker, they are making an incredible amount of deliveries nearby. The van is typically stopping at about 10 properties within a 500m radius and I live in a village which is all houses and no apartments.
So each van has probably only driven an incremental 50~100m to make my delivery.

This compares very well with other retailers, including those awful supermarket vans.

Note: I think Amazon are far from perfect, with dreadful search facilities on their website, rampant fake reviews and very subtle distinction between items sold by Amazon and some third party cowboys selling fakes.
However, I try to be fair.

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