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Telegraph Book Review

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Telegraph Book Review


Postby WickedLester » May 5th, 2024, 7:57 pm

Here's something I came across on MSN which is worth a read. Please ignore the title, I think it's quite a good review although I won't watch the BBC adaptation, mainly because I haven't got a TV, not because I'm not curious.

Anyway, if you're interested I'll give my guess of what she might be trying to say after the link. ... 182b&ei=63

I basically think it's a commentary on how Britain has faced what must have seemed like existential threats in the past but is still here, the arrival of gun toting soldiers from the future, climate ravaged as it is suggest that Britain will survive the next one. What I'd be interested to see is what the Beeb decide to make these soldiers look like, which for me is why I'd rather watch the TV version than read the book, presumably with her input I could figure out if I'm right. I'd like to see a fundamentally white couple, man and woman, possibly with dark hair or some other characteristic that some of us always had. It would also spoil it for me if they were in rags or shiny space suits or some other stereotypical vision of the future or apocalypse.

I think the reviewer's got a point, from what he's said, some of it may be low hanging fruit but some of it's really quite clever, particularly the bit about Bach.

I can't comment on her use of simile, I was always taught at school to try not to overuse or be repetitive when writing. The two examples of simile the reviewer has given seem pretty good to me.

I reckon if they get the appearance of the warriors about right it could be worth watching.

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