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'Exposed the Church's Darkest Secret'

Religion and Philosophy
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we are introducing this on a trial basis and that respect for other's views is important e.g. phrases like "your imaginary friend" or "you will go to hell" are not appropriate
Lemon Quarter
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Re: 'Exposed the Church's Darkest Secret'


Postby Charlottesquare » November 18th, 2020, 1:17 pm

gryffron wrote:
Dod101 wrote:it is a great shame that a lot more is not made of the good works they do and have done for a very long time... Education, a school in every parish, old peoples' homes, now food banks and so on.
I know that religion has been the cause of much violence as well and it seems we cannot have the one without the other but I come down firmly on the side of religion, and it has to be organised one way or another.

It's perfectly possible for all the good (and evil) to be done without the lies, misdirection, tribalism, social and political control of religion. And personally, I come down very much against it. Religion does not have a monopoly on charity.

The Ancient Chinese managed to build society without gods, though not quite without religion. So not every society has needed gods.


In the same way the corporation increased access to capital for business to thrive (critical mass) religion increased information resources. Whilst some rulers might have amassed writings and works which would aid the spread of knowledge, one really needs a class of people to be created (and paid for) with the time and inclination to improve and spread said knowledge, there are few signs throughout the world that such a class of people emerged except from a priest class.

Now there is a pretty strong argument that after X date certainly the Christian church thwarted the spread of knowledge and slowed what might have taken place (I do not know enough about non Mediterranean History to comment about them) but that knowledge when it did flower, with the spread of say Greek/Other learning and the building upon it, had itself come from societies which had embraced religions .

The question is, without religion how would the world have created the required concentrated "critical masses" of knowledge to get us where we are today?

Lemon Quarter
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Re: 'Exposed the Church's Darkest Secret'


Postby gryffron » November 18th, 2020, 2:40 pm

Interesting point Charlottesquare. I guess you could say the same about islam. In its early years it gathered and disseminated knowledge. And then later destroyed and hid it.

But, the Great Library at Alexandria was built and flourished without religion interfering. So again, religion is not an essential precursor to such accumulations of knowledge.


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