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Disputing moderation versus explanations

Raise issues with Admin (Stooz, Clariman, Redsturgeon) e.g. alert to something important on the site or ask Admin about a moderation decision. You will be answered, but there is no response time guarantee.
Lemon Quarter
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Disputing moderation versus explanations


Postby Wizard » March 17th, 2020, 11:16 pm

I recently had a thread moved from HYP Practical to Share Ideas. The Mod added a box saying that it should not be on HYP Practical if it advocated shorting. There was no mention of shorting in my post and it was not what I was motivated by. At least one poster on HYP Practical had suggested they would reinvest proceeds of their MARS disposal in an insurer. My post was to highlight a risk associated with topping up insurers. The thread is here:


I have twice added comments to the thread to explain the above. I have not challenged the thread being moved by the Mod or said it should be moved back. I have not said the Moderator was wrong to move it. All I have done is to try and explain to anyone on HYP Practical who thought the post was suggesting shorting why I put it on HYP Practical. Both of these subsequent posts have been deleted by the Mod. They have also deleted a post from another Fool saying they had not read my initial post to be a suggestion to short companies. The Mod deleted this as well.

I am not challenging the movement of the thread, but the deletion of posts trying to explain to other Fools the motive behind the original post are, IMHO, heavy handed and unreasonable.

I am posting here as that is what the Mod has said I should do in an update to their comment box.

Lemon Quarter
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Re: Disputing moderation versus explanations


Postby Clariman » March 17th, 2020, 11:49 pm

I haven't asked but I imagine that if the original post was off topic, subsequent explanations of it were deemed off topic too. I appreciate that you were advised to post here but the normal route would be to PM the mod involved to seek any clarification etc. If that doesn't resolve or explain it then feel free to post here if you are still unhappy.

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