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Coronavirus - A Resource

Posted: March 16th, 2020, 11:04 am
by redsturgeon
This is a resource for Lemon Fools providing links to useful advice and facts on the state of the coronavirus situation both in the UK and globally.
We will keep this updated and endeavour to only link to official and scientifically accredited information.

ADDED 11/1/2021
Priority vaccine groups for England ... ity-groups

ADDED 21/12/2020
Scottish interactive map ... 0/Overview

ADDED 12/12/20
Interactive Map
Browse cases data for specific areas within the UK. ...

ADDED 21/7/2020
Link to the daily slide set used at government vriefings. ... -june-2020

ADDED 12/5/20
A whole list of resources supplied by the government.
The main guidance document "Our Plan to Rebuild" ... EB__1_.pdf
An up to date FAQ ... nd-cant-do
A guide to social distancing ... distancing
A guide to staying safe outdoors. ... -your-home
A guide on all things to do with education ... and-carers
Two guides from the Dept of Transport ... passengers ... -operators

ADDED 10/5/20
Three new links from Tomas Pueyo ... 420170203e ... d216daa343 ... e85b64072e

ADDED 13/4/2020
The support tool doctors are using to decide who will benefit from ICU/ventilator care. Not approved by NICE or the NHS though."

ADDED 6/4/2020
Tell the NHS about your current experience of coronavirus

ADDED 30/3/2020
The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020
Came into force at 1.00 p.m. on 26th March 2020

ADDED 25/3/2020
UK Department of Health and Social Care - online Google Docs spreadsheet data, which is updated earlier than the main UK online dashboard and also contains interesting charts etc - NOW UPDATED to 16/05/2020 ... Y/htmlview

ADDED 23/3/2020
A very comprehensive overview of all aspects of Covid 19 from a website aimed at American health professionals but now made open source.

A detailed look at implications of plans going forward for US and UK ... 9337092b56

ADDED 20/3/2020
Comprehensive up to date stats on the progress of the virus in different countries

ADDED 19/3/2020
This a a very comprehensive look at the numbers from a global perspective.

ADDED 18/3/2020
All schools across the UK to close to most students from Friday, children of key workers excepted.

ADDED 17/3/2020
Details of social distancing advice from the government ... ble-adults

The first important link for the UK is the NHS site, this gives advice on what to do if you think you have the virus and is updated regularly.

Here is the NHS site for Scotland:

This is the official World Health Organisation link for information and updates on the global situation. ... virus-2019

Public Health England (Dashboard) for up to date UK numbers ... 484dd4bb14

Global Dashboard for up to date global numbers ... 7b48e9ecf6

This is the CDC website (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention for the USA ... index.html

Here is some useful advice regarding medication for a fever
Advice from the French Minister of Health
If you have symptoms, do not use anti-inflammatory drugs (eg Ibuprofen) as your pain killer as it can inflame to symptoms. Use Paracetamol. If you are already using anti-inflammatories, then talk to your doctor. ... _3224.html

Here is a useful guidance for Asthmatics ... -covid-19/

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