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Privacy Concerns with Email Trackers?

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Privacy Concerns with Email Trackers?


Postby Nolan » May 15th, 2024, 2:13 pm

Hi ! I've read about an email tracker that claims to respect user privacy by not storing or reading email content. While they mention undergoing independent security reviews, I'm still a bit skeptical. How secure are these email tracking tools in practice? Can anyone share insights on potential privacy risks or their experiences with the security measures these services claim to have?

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Re: Privacy Concerns with Email Trackers?


Postby formoverfunction » May 15th, 2024, 4:19 pm

You might find this interesting: ... token.html

It's a detailed site about how you can create simple trackers in a whole range of documents or interactions.

You can even create your own canary tokens on this page.

Personally, I always open documents in an offline only client, so pdf's etc in a browser in offline mode.

Or by using something like Firejail, a security sandbox for Linix, that you can simply open documents as --net=none or within it's own "home".

Not quite email, but it's an interesting read.

My email? something with a very low profile like mutt or set to limit as much as possible tracking.

Tuta are a German company providing email, their blog contains lots of interesting article about inbox security etc.

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